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How to use your action camera microphone attachment

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What is an action camera microphone attachment?

Action camera microphones are great for capturing audio recordings of your adventures and sport activities. The attachment allows you to connect the microphone to your action camera so that you can start recording right away. Additionally, the attachment makes it easy to grab sound clips from your video footage when you need them.

To use an action camera microphone attachment, first make sure that your action camera is properly connected to your computer. Then, open the video recording software on your computer and locate the file where you saved your footage from your adventure or sport activity. Next, open the footage with the Action Camera Mic attached and select “Add Audio Track” from the File Menu. In most cases, this will be located in the lower left corner of the screen. If not, it may be found in a similar place inside of editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Now, click on “Browse For Files” and locate the file named “WAV” that was saved with your footage when you attached your microphone. This will be a large file and may take some time to load depending on how fast your computer is. Once it has loaded, click on “Open” and then click on “OK” when prompted to save changes to the file. Now play back the footage again and pay attention to where in the video clip you added the microphone track – usually this will be near the beginning or end of your footage since those are likely to be high-traffic areas for sound recording

What are the benefits of using an action camera microphone attachment?

The microphone attachment for your action camera is a great way to capture high-quality audio recordings without having to carry an extra microphone. There are many benefits to using an action camera microphone attachment, including improved audio quality and the ability to capture video footage with sound.

One of the main advantages of using an action camera microphone attachment is improved audio quality. Action cameras are designed to be rugged and portable, so they’re perfect for capturing videos and photos while you’re on the go. The built-in microphone on most action cameras isn’t very good at capturing high-quality audio, which is why adding a microphone attachment is such a great option.

The best action camera microphones attach directly to the camera body and come with a number of features that can improve your recordings. Some common features include adjustable sensitivity, wind noise reduction, and group recording functionality. By attaching a good action camera microphone, you can dramatically improve the quality of your recordings and create videos that look much more professional.

Another benefit of using an action camera microphone attachment is the ability to capture video footage with sound. Most people don’t realize this but most action cameras actually have the ability to record sound as well as video! This means you can use your action camera as both a photo AND video recorder, making it perfect for capturing events or moments that would be difficult or impossible to capture without sound.

Action cameras are becoming more popular than ever before, and the addition of a good mic attachment makes them even

How to use an action camera microphone attachment

An action camera microphone attachment can help you record high-quality audio from your adventures. This guide will show you how to use an action camera microphone attachment and get the best recording experience.

First, make sure that your action camera is compatible with the microphone attachment. Most action cameras include a dedicated mic port, but some may require an adapter.

Next, connect the microphone attachment to your action camera’s mic port. Make sure that the connection is secure by double-checking that the cable is plugged in properly and that there are no obstructions between the mic and camera.

Now, turn on your action camera and begin recording! To start recording, press and hold down the record button on the microphone attachment until you hear a beep. Keep holding down the record button until the video or audio stops recording.


If you’re interested in taking your action camera photography to the next level, then investing in a good microphone attachment is definitely an option to consider. Not only will this add some great audio quality to your videos, but it can also help you create slick video montages and improve your video editing skills. Check out our article on how to use your action camera microphone attachment for more tips and advice.

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