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Manchester Move: Why it’s great, where to go and what to do?

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Manchester is a city that is on the rise. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people are moving there. Not only is the city full of culture and attractions, but it’s also an affordable place to live. In this blog post, we will explore some of the great things about Manchester and suggest where you should go and what you should do when moving to the city. From eating out to visiting cultural landmarks, this article has it all.


  • What is the Manchester Move?
  • The Benefits of the Manchester Move
  • Where to Move to in Manchester
  • What to Do in Manchester

What is the Manchester Move?

The Manchester Move is a five-day festival taking place in the city from September 10 to 13. Taking its name from the fact that it’s moving around the city, the event offers a range of events and activities for visitors of all ages. Highlights include a street art festival, theatre productions, music concerts and family fun days.

Here are some top tips on what to do while in Manchester during the move:

1. Catch a show at The Palace Theatre – This world-renowned venue will be hosting a variety of performances including classical and contemporary music concerts as well as plays.

2. Take in some local history at The Museum of Science and Industry – Founded in 1853, this museum is home to exhibitions on technology, transport and space exploration as well as an extensive collection of historic artifacts.

3. Visit The Lowry – This arts complex features galleries, theaters and concert venues spread out over three interconnected sites. There’s something for everyone here so don’t miss your chance to explore!

4. Explore Manchester’s colorful streets at night – Head to The Northern Quarter or Spinningfields for lively nightlife where you can enjoy everything from cocktails to clubbing.

5. Enjoy some family fun days at local attractions like Manchester Cathedral or Heritage Park – Both offer plenty of activities for children including puppet shows and story time sessions.

The Benefits of the Manchester Move

When you think of Manchester, what comes to mind? Probably the iconic venues like The O2 and Manchester City Football Club. But there’s so much more to this city than those two things. In fact, in recent years Manchester has been making a real name for itself as one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the UK. Here are some of the benefits of moving to Manchester:

1. staggering culture and nightlife options

Manchester has something for everyone – from bustling hipster neighbourhoods like Deansgate and Salford Quays to theatres and award-winning music festivals like Creamfields. There’s never a shortage of things to do, no matter what your interests or mood. Plus, with world-class transport links at your disposal, it’s easy to get around town no matter where you’re headed.

2. thriving economy

Yes, Manchester does have its fair share of problems – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great place to live and work. The city is home to some of the UK’s biggest companies and businesses, including BT Group, Rolls Royce plc and Premier Inn (just to name a few). And with unemployment rates lower than average in the city centre, there’s plenty of opportunity for people looking for a fresh start.

3. stunning natural scenery

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet outside of town, you’ll be happy to know that much of Greater Manchester is surrounded by

Where to Move to in Manchester

If you’re looking for a lively city to call home, then Manchester is definitely the place for you. With its abundance of pubs, clubs and bars, as well as a thriving cultural scene, there’s always something happening in Manchester. Plus, it’s a relatively affordable city to live in, making it an attractive option for people on a budget.

If you’re looking for a multicultural city with plenty of choice when it comes to things to do, then Manchester is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of festivals and events going on throughout the year – from music festivals to art exhibitions – so there’s always something new to explore. And if you’re looking for somewhere to relax after a busy day, then head over to one of the city’s many parks or gardens.

What to Do in Manchester

Looking for something fun and entertaining to do in Manchester? Well, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a fan of the arts or just want to get outside and take in some scenic views, there’s plenty to do in Manchester. Here are our top picks:

1. The Lowry – A must-see for art lovers, The Lowry is home to some of the world’s most renowned museums, including the Manchester Museum and Art Gallery. If you want to take your time exploring everything on offer, make sure to visit during lunchtime when the museum is free!

2. The Palace Theatre – Not only is this venue one of Manchester’s oldest theaters still in use today, but it also regularly puts on performances by famous UK and international artists. With tickets starting from just £10, it’s an affordable way to enjoy a show without breaking the bank.

3. Albert Square – One of Manchester’s most popular tourist destinations, Albert Square is home to several beautiful parks which are perfect for a lazy day out. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants located within walking distance, so you can spend as much time as you like exploring!

4. Deansgate Locks – If you’re looking for an exciting activity that won’t break the bank, consider visiting Deansgate Locks. This unique attraction allows visitors to walk through two sets of 18th century gates into the city center –


If you’re looking for a new place to live, Manchester is definitely worth considering! Not only is the city full of interesting and exciting places to go, but it’s also a very affordable place to live. Whether you’re in the market for an apartment or are searching for a new home, there are plenty of options available. In addition to all of this, there are also plenty of things to do in Manchester, from visiting popular tourist destinations like the Museum of Science and Industry or the Royal Albert Hall to exploring historic neighbourhoods like Cheetham Hill or Fallowfield. So whatever your interests may be, we can guarantee that Manchester has something special for you!

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