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Music from the Hugo Boss The Scent Magnetic 2023 ad

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Hugo Boss unveils his new duo for Men and Women: The Scent Magnetic. A magnetic and electrifying fragrance, all in seduction. The music in the commercial is Tigerblood Jewel’s track “Let’s Go Go Go”.

The Hugo Boss The Scent Magnetic 2023 ad

In this new spot from the Hugo Boss brand, we first discover the two perfume bottles. The pink for women and the dark color assigned to men. We then see the two muses of the brand for the perfume The Scent who succeeded Jamie Dornan and Birgit Kos. They are Jacob Elordi and Laura Harrier, who we had already seen in the Boss The Scent perfume ad in 2022.

The two stars are in total black look for this ad and they highlight their irresistible charm. We feel the tension and the attraction beading through the images. The two ambassadors take each other’s hand, before moving away from each other, their eyes full of desire. They meet afterwards, embrace and caress each other gently. The attraction is at its height. The ad continues with the young woman wearing perfume and seducing the man with her heady scent. The ad ends with the brand’s message: “Dress, win, dream, live, work, love, play, create, inspire, strive, like a boss”. (Dress, win, dream, live, work, love, play, create, inspire, fight, like a Boss).

Who are the models in the Hugo Boss Magnetic 2023 ad?

Boss Magnetic 2023 advertising mannequins

To present to us his new, fresh cuvée of his perfume The Scent called Magnetic, Hugo Boss has called on two muses. They are Jacob Elordi and Laura Garcier. Two stars who were already featured last year in the brand’s spot for The Scent perfume.

Jacob Elordi

He is an Australian actor known for his roles in films and television series such as “The Kissing Booth” or “Deep Water”. He started his career as an actor in 2017 in the Australian series “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. However, it was her role in the romantic film “The Kissing Booth” in 2018 that would open her doors to stardom. Jabob Elordi has also acted in several other films including “2 Hearts” and “The Mortuary Collection”. In 2019, Jacob Elordi also starred in the HBO television series “Euphoria”. In the latter, he played the character of Nate Jacobs. Her performance in the series was greatly praised by critics.

Laura Harrier

She is an American actress from Illinois. She became known after bursting the screen in the film “BlacKkKlansman” directed by Spike Lee in 2018.

Laura Harrier began her acting career by appearing in television series like “One Life to Live” and “Unforgettable”. She also starred in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2017. In the latter, she played the character of Liz Allan. Alongside her acting career, Laura Harrier is also an active social activist. She has had to take a stand on many issues such as feminism, diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

What is the music of the Hugo Boss Magnetic 2023 ad?

To accompany the ad for his new perfume 2023, Hugo opted for a title by the artist Tigerblood Jewel. It’s “Let’s Go Go Go”. The song is taken from the album “The Bayou” which was released in 2020.

Tigerblood Jewel, whose real name is Christian Nanzell, is a Swedish singer, songwriter and composer. He evolves in the register of rock and electro music and has several studio albums to his credit. Christian turned to music at an early age and from a young age decided that it would be his profession. His father, a great music lover, ran a record store. Christian from his childhood, is attracted by the discs and is amazed by the artists and the groups appearing on the covers. He started playing the guitar at the age of 9 and hasn’t let go since. Nanzell through his music explores different styles. Under the name of Tigerblood Jewel, Nanzell produces powerful and quite brutal rock with a retro touch. It mixes gnarly guitar riffs, drums and intense baselines.

The Scent Magnetic Hugo Boss perfume

The new Hugo Boss The Scent perfume duo is intended for men with the “Him” version and for women with “Her”. With this new juice, Boss declines the swirling effects of the combination between maninka, wheat bran, delicious black vanilla extract… An almost illicit mixture intended to seduce and stimulate.

The female version is an ode to irresistible desire and sensuality. It reveals notes of Osmanthus flower, ambrette seeds, pure white musk and all in a bottle

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