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What Does The Bioshock Infinite Background Mean?

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What is the Bioshock Infinite Background?

In the fictional world of Bioshock Infinite, the sky is always a bright and shining blue. The city of Columbia is a beautiful but dystopian metropolis, with soaring skyscrapers and an underbelly of poverty and despair.

The game’s protagonist, Booker DeWitt, has been sent to this city by the man he works for – the powerful industrialist Andrew Ryan – in order to track down a girl named Elizabeth. It soon becomes apparent that Elizabeth is something special – she can manipulate time.

As Booker starts investigating her abilities, he discovers that Columbia is a place where people are forced to live in fear and conformity. The authorities use mind control techniques known as ‘vigors’ to keep the populace in line.

If you’re brave enough to break free from the way things are supposed to be, then you’ll discover an incredible world waiting for you on the other side. In Bioshock Infinite, freedom is always worth fighting for.

What does the Bioshock Infinite Background Mean?

When you start the game, you are introduced to Elizabeth, who provides a brief back story on the city of Columbia. The city is in a state of decay and chaos, with gangs fighting for control and various factions vying for power. In fact, it’s such a disaster that it has been overtaken by the flying city of Rapture.

Elizabeth tells you that this was once a great and prosperous city, but something went wrong. She doesn’t know what happened, but she believes that somebody must be held responsible. This is where the story of Bioshock Infinite begins.

The background in Bioshock Infinite references several elements from the original Bioshock game. The banners in particular are direct references to those found throughout Rapture in 2007. There are also references to famous paintings like The Sistine Chapel Madonna and Perseus With The Head of Medusa.
There are even some audio clips directly from the original game included in Bioshock Infinite – including one clip where Andrew Ryan mocks Lady Elizabeth for her love of history (you can actually hear him say “history…as though it mattered”).
It’s clear that Irrational Games wanted to make sure players would feel right at home when they started playing BIoshock Infinite – even if they had never played the original game.

What does the Bioshock Infinite Background Mean for Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a fictional character appearing in the video game series BioShock Infinite. The player, as Booker DeWitt, is tasked with saving Elizabeth from the grasp of the fascist Songbird regime. In the game’s background, Elizabeth has been imprisoned on a floating city called Columbia, which is under attack by Songbird forces.

Various theories have arisen surrounding Elizabeth’s background and role within Infinite. Some claim she is Booker DeWitt’s daughter or that she is key to stopping Songbird’s plans. However, no definitive answer has been provided and any such speculation is purely speculative at this stage.

What does the Bioshock Infinite Background Mean for Booker DeWitt?

The Bioshock Infinite Background

Before we get into what the background means for Booker DeWitt, it’s important to understand how the game world works. Every in-game object and character is tied to a specific set of rules and variables that make up the game’s “world engine.” Most of these are hidden from players, but some things are more obvious. For example, Elizabeth (the girl who helps players navigate their way around Rapture) is based on the real life artist Virginia Woolf. This means that Elizabeth’s biography, appearances, and even thoughts (from conversations she has with Booker) are all governed by Woolf’s actual life story. When a player interacts with Elizabeth, they’re actually making choices that affect her fictional biography as well as her real-life counterpart.

This same philosophy extends to every other character in the game. The clothes they’re wearing, the weapons they’re carrying, and even their dialogue all have roots in history or mythology. In fact, it was this attention to historical accuracy that led developers Irrational Games to scrap plans for a conventional story line in favor of an open-ended format that would let players influence events however they choose. Players could choose to side with Ratman or Andrew Ryan (the two main characters from BioShock), or simply ignore them completely and enjoy the game’s otherworldly setting without having to worry about consequences. Basically, everything you see in Bioshock Infinite is there because it makes sense within the

What does the Bioshock Infinite Background Mean for Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt?

The Bioshock Infinite background signifies Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt’s relationship. In the game, Elizabeth is seen as a powerful and influential woman who has a lot of connections, while Booker is seen as a troubled and dangerous man. Despite this difference, their relationship is one of trust and respect. This background also implies that Elizabeth holds a great deal of power in the city of Columbia, which could be why she’s chosen to lead the Vox Populi rebellion against the city’s tyrants.

What does the Bioshock Infinite Background Mean for Columbia?

The background of Bioshock Infinite features a city in the sky, suggesting Columbia – or some other floating city. This could suggest that the game takes place in the future, after a great cataclysm has destroyed most of Earth. Alternatively, it could be a reference to Biblical references to heaven being on “the clouds.”

Whatever the context, it’s an interesting detail that definitely warrants further analysis.


Bioshock Infinite was released a few weeks ago, and players are still trying to piece together the story behind the game. Some believe that the background of the game features Rapture, while others think it’s just a placeholder until BioShock 5 is released. In any case, knowing what the background means could be helpful for those interested in playing the game. So far, we’ve only seen a small part of Bioshock Infinite, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more information as it becomes available.

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