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What Is 170 Centimeters In Feet, And Why Do We Measure It?

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What is 170 centimeters in feet?

There are multiple ways to calculate what 170 centimeters is in feet. The most common way is to use the conversion factor of 1 foot = 30.48 centimeters. This means that 170 centimeters is equal to 5.5811023622 feet. Another way to calculate this is by using an online converter, which will give you the answer of 5.5787037037 feet.

The reason we measure things in both centimeters and feet is because they are both units of length/distance. They are both part of the International System of Units (SI), which is the modernized version of the metric system. In the SI, length/distance is measured in meters (m). However, centimeters and feet are also used because they are more practical for everyday use cases such as measuring someone’s height.

The history of the measurement

The history of the measurement of feet dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, who used a unit of measure called the “royal cubit”. This was divided into 7 palms, each of which was subdivided into 4 fingers. The royal cubit was further subdivided into 12 parts, each of which was called a “digit”.

The royal cubit was used by the Egyptians for measuring length, area, and capacity. It was also used by the Ancient Greeks, who divided it into 10 parts. The Romans later adopted the Greek system and divided the foot into 12 inches.

In England, the Saxons used a unit of measure called the “ell”, which was equivalent to 1.5 yards. This was later replaced by the “rod” or “pole”, which was equal to 5.5 yards. The rod or pole was then subdivided into 17.5 feet, each of which was called a “foot” (plural: “feet”).

The modern unit of measure known as the “foot” (plural: “feet”) is derived from these ancient units of measure. It isequal to 12 inches (30 cm).

How to convert 170 centimeters to feet

There are a few different ways to convert 170 centimeters to feet. The most common way is to use a standard conversion rate of 1 centimeter equals 0.393701 feet. This means that 170 centimeters would be equal to approximately 67.0866142 feet.

Another way to look at the conversion is that there are 100 centimeters in a meter and 3.28084 feet in a meter, so using those conversions we can multiply 100 by 170 to get 17,000 centimeters. then we can divide 17,000 centimeters by 3.28084 feet to get 5,204.545455 feet.

The benefits of knowing the conversion

There are many benefits to knowing the conversion from centimeters to feet. For one, it can help you understand how big or small something is. It can also help you understand other measurements, such as how long a piece of string is or how deep a pool is. Additionally, it can be useful in real-world situations, such as when you’re buying a new piece of furniture or measuring for new carpeting. Finally, it’s simply a good skill to have and can come in handy more often than you might think!

What are some other popular conversions?

There are a few other popular conversions that are used when measuring length. The first is converting centimeters to meters. This is done by dividing the number of centimeters by 100. For example, if you have 2 centimeters, you would divide it by 100 to get 0.02 meters.

Another popular conversion is converting feet to yards. This is done by dividing the number of feet by 3. For example, if you have 12 feet, you would divide it by 3 to get 4 yards.

The last popular conversion is converting inches to centimeters. This is done by multiplying the number of inches by 2.54. For example, if you have 6 inches, you would multiply it by 2.54 to get 15.24 centimeters.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why we measure 170 centimeters in feet. It’s a unit of measurement that is used all over the world, and it’s a way to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to height. Whether you’re trying to figure out how tall someone is, or whether you’re trying to convert your own height into centimeters, this article should have helped you out.

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