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Why Is Hermes’ Most Popular Perfume Called Faute De Soie?

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Hermes is a luxury fashion brand that has been around since 1750. They offer a wide variety of products, including perfumes, handbags, and watches. One of their most popular perfumes is called Faute De Soie – meaning “Fault of Silk.” What’s so special about this perfume?

First of all, Faute De Soie is made with the rarest type of jasmine oil. Only 2,000 bottles are produced each year, and it’s usually only sold to high-end customers. Secondly, the fragrance was designed to reflect the mood of Paris in the 1920s. It has a light and airy scent, which is perfect for summertime. Finally, Faute De Soie has a unique packaging design – it’s packaged in a silver spray bottle with a gold pump.

What is Faute De Soie?

Faute De Soie is the most popular perfume by Hermes. The name comes from the French for “fault of silk.” Faute De Soie is a musky, woody fragrance with a hint of spice.

How Faute De Soie Became Hermes’ Most Popular Perfume

Faute De Soie is Hermes’ most popular perfume because it captures the essence of a woman’s femininity and seductive nature. The blend of jasmine, tuberose, and rose creates a scent that is both delicate and strong. The fragrance is also known for its longevity and ability to evoke memories of happy times.

What to expect when you wear Faute De Soie

Faute De Soie is Hermes’ most popular perfume and for good reason. It is a complex scent with a blend of woodsy, floral, and fruity notes. The scent is feminine and sophisticated, perfect for dressing up or down. Faute De Soie is also known for its longevity, so you will smell it all day long.

The Different Types of Faute De Soie Perfumes

Faute de soie (French for “faute of silk”) is the most popular perfume name in the world, and for good reason. These perfumes are delicate, luxurious, and alluring – perfect for a special occasion or just to make yourself feel pretty. Faute de soie perfumes come in a range of scents, from floral to woodsy, and they can be light or heavy depending on the ingredients used. Here are some of the most popular faute de soie perfumes:

– Herbal Faute De Soie by Hermes
– Cotton Blossom by Yves Saint Laurent
– Jasmine Sambac by Paco Rabanne
– Rose Gardenia by Christian Dior


If you’ve ever been in a department store and smelled Hermes’ Faute De Soie perfume, then you know that the scent is alluring and intoxicating. What you might not know is that this fragrance was first released in 1885 as an update to the company’s classic Eau de Toilette. The original Faute De Soie (meaning “failure of cotton”) had a woodsy aroma that customers found too strong, so Hermes came up with Faute De Soie—a more delicate scent made with white jasmine, lily of the valley, oakmoss, patchouli oil, and vanilla. Whether you’re a fan of vintage scents or just love wearing something special every now and then, give this perfume a try—you may be surprised at how well it wears.

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